We want to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Plastic is no longer acceptable to us and many of our customers.

Our cards should meet retailers’ needs:

  • be easy to display and
  • remain tidy on the display stand.

The cards should be simple to use.

Designs need to be eye-catching and text should be innovative, appropriate for the image and to the occasion.

So we’ve invented the SECRET POSTCARD.


Since plastic became unacceptable, greeting card designers have found it challenging to find ways of keeping cards and envelopes together, prevent envelopes ‘disappearing’ from retailers’ shelves, and keep display shelves clean and tidy.

Some have invented devices to clip the card and envelope together.

At, we decided to go back to the basic design of a greeting card and see how it could be re-invented for the modern age.

Postcards have long been in use to send “wish you were here” holiday greetings. The essential features of a greeting card are present. There are three components – an image, a brief message, and a postal address.

Could the traditional postcard make a come-back?

for your eyes only

The thing is, everyone can see what’s written on a postcard.

Could we develop a postcard where the message is not visible to public gaze?

it’s a secret!

  • Write the message on the postcard
  • Fold it
  • Seal it
  • Address it
  • Post it or give it

open it

Pull down the perforated flap to reveal the message.


display it

The flap folds up to support the card.


discreet greetings for friends of the environment


The SECRET POSTCARD is a stylish one piece greeting card that doesn’t need an envelope.